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Minor details of Bryan Shaw’s sentencing for insider trading case

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The sentencing documents are available on the federal PACER system for Bryan Shaw’s conspiracy conviction. Not really any new information. Did want to mention what is listed there. Also want to mention tracking info in the Bureau of Prison’s system for both Mr. Shaw and Mr. London.

As mentioned previously, the judge sentenced Mr. Shaw to 5 months in prison.

Other terms include 3 years supervised release. As a general concept, if a person violates any of the terms of supervised release, the person could go back to federal prison for some or all of the time subject to supervised release.

No fine, but there is a special assessment of $100.

He must report to the Bureau of Prisons by noon on August 1, 2014. That would be 60 days from sentencing and just over 6 weeks from now.

The court suggested confinement at either Lompoc or Taft, California.

Just checked the sentencing document for Mr. London. The judge made a very general recommendation of a facility in Southern California.

Mr. London is listed in the Bureau of Prisons’ inmate database. His status is “not in BOP custody”. Mr. Shaw is not yet listed in the BOP database.

Update: Mr. Shaw released 11/28/14 after serving 5 months.


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June 17, 2014, 7:23 am at 7:23 am

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